Improving the lives of the poorest people in Africa

Girl from Sierra LeoneThe Africanfire Foundation is a charitable organization that benefits from the proceeds of the sale of Africanfire jewellery. Our inspiration and continued motivation lie in a strong belief that, by utilising the profits from our valuable natural resources, we can make significant improvements to the living standards of many of the most underprivileged people in the African continent.

When a piece of Africanfire jewellery is bought, customers are reassured in the knowledge that they are contributing towards the construction and maintenance of schools & hospitals and access to clean water sources in the poorest areas of Africa from where the diamonds, platinum and gold are mined.

Whether for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, we hope that the Africanfire message of ‘love and compassion’ is passed on with each piece of jewellery.

Diamonds and social responsibility

Diamonds and other valuable minerals are some of Africa's greatest natural resources. These precious minerals, which should have been a blessing, have brought misery to millions of Africans through civil wars, forced labour and child exploitation. Great improvements have been made in the fight against unethically sourced materials, but more can be done.

Africanfire is commited to supporting:

  • Environmentally responsible mining
  • Ethical resources (Conflict-free and child labour free materials)
  • Safer working conditions
  • Fair employment

The Africanfire concept is that of a completely legitimate and ethical value chain from the mining sources to the jewellery retail outlets.


Conflict-free gemstones

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